User Interface, User Interaction Design, Front-end Development & Accessibility, Systems Design
Brief: Nike, a global leader in athletic footwear and apparel, sought to enhance its e-commerce platform by boosting user engagement and fostering community building. The objective was to create a vibrant, interactive space where customers could connect, share, and discuss their experiences. To achieve this, Nike decided to integrate TurnTo’s advanced commenting technology into their platform, a feature that had been absent until now. The goal was to provide a seamless, branded commenting system that aligned with Nike’s iconic branding vision and delivered a cross-platform user experience that was both intuitive and engaging.

My role in this project encompassed systems design, user interface (UI) development, and ensuring accessibility. I oversaw the production process, spearheaded the front-end development, and focused on creating a seamless integration of the commenting technology with Nike’s existing e-commerce infrastructure. The result was a unified, interactive platform that enhanced user engagement, supported community interaction, and strengthened Nike's brand presence online.
Team: Project Manager, Creative Engineer, in collaboration w/ TurnTo TurnTo
"We are looking to boost user engagement and community building on our e-commerce platform by integrating a branded commenting system. It's about creating a space where our customers can interact and share, making our platform a hub of activity and connection."
Nike PDP w/ Reviews
Nike PDP w/ Reviews
Nike Commenting Modal
Conclusion: Through planning and execution, the project not only met but exceeded Nike’s expectations, creating a space that fosters community engagement and strengthens customer loyalty. This case study highlights my ability to lead complex integration projects, drive strategic initiatives, and deliver impactful solutions that elevate brand engagement and user experience. The successful integration of the commenting system stands as a testament to the power of innovative design and strategic development in enhancing digital platforms.