Creative Direction, User Experience, Interface Design, Systems Design
Overview: Wiley, a global leader in research and education, faced a challenge with inconsistent user experiences across its platforms. The goal was to integrate their consumer and corporate sites into a seamless navigation experience, creating a unified and branded digital presence. Initially a week-long sprint focused on the Dummies product line with the Part and Sum team, the project quickly expanded to revamp the main Wiley site, unifying all brand properties and adding e-commerce capabilities for academic products.
Team: Project Manager & Strategist, Designers (2x), in collaboration w/ Part and Sum
Wiley Website
"By overhauling our digital presence, the team led the transformation to offer a unified and distinctly branded experience. The project successfully integrated all elements and actively engaged our users across every channel, significantly improving user satisfaction and driving our digital success."
Wiley eCommerce
Wiley Prototype
Wiley Checkout Flow
Wiley Deliverables
Conclusion: The Wiley project marked a significant transformation in the company’s digital strategy. By integrating consumer and corporate sites into a unified navigation experience, we addressed the pressing challenge of inconsistent user experience.

Through a complete creative refresh and the development of an efficient e-commerce flow, we enhanced Wiley’s capacity to facilitate online sales and engage users more effectively. This project, which began as a focused sprint for the Dummies product line, evolved into a comprehensive overhaul of Wiley’s main site, unifying all brand properties under a cohesive parent umbrella.

The successful collaboration with Part and Sum and the strategic alignment with Wiley’s business goals resulted in a distinctly branded, user-centric digital presence that supports both consumer and business needs.